Hossein Erfani Safdari

Hossein Erfani Safdari


Current occupation


Darmanyab Darou D.Y.D

Place of work:

Khorasan Province

Professional interests

About me:
  • Creating “A.F. Oscilloscope (Auditory Frequency)
  • Creating "Cold cathode X-Ray tube with fixed Pb anode"
  • Creating "Vital Signs monitoring equipment" (include electrocardiogram device that i made too)
  • Activity into Electronic “Precision Device” Circuits Design, Instrumentation field (to Create ECG device (electrocardiogram)),PCB Board Design, Atomic Force Microscopy
  • MRI & R.F Shielding; Micro Wave Technology
  • Gamma Knife & Cyber Knife
  • Drug Import and Export , Negotiation, Registration, Brokerage, (P.O, P.I, Utility Bill etc)
  • Markerting & Sales, B2B, Trade Websites, , INCOTERMS 2015 e.t.c …
  • K.O.L. Development
  • PharmacoVigilance (P.V.), Drug Pipelines.
  •   GMP. , cGMP, eCTD & CTD Dossier format, SPC, COA, MSDS, R&D, Q.C.

    Professional main focus:

    Neurophysiology Pharmacology Electronic, Precision Device Pharma Trade Oncology chemotherapy drugs I.V. anesthetic Atomic Force Microscopy

    Professional organisation:

    Fresenius Kabi



    Personal info



    Family status:



    NeuroPharmacology-Electrophysiology-Molecular Modeling-Electronic

    Books, journals/ magazines:




    Islamic Azad University- Damghan branch; Faculty of basic science

    Academic degree:

    Master of Science- M.Sc. Medical Physiology



    Further qualifications:

    •Marketing and Selling Skills (e.g. DISC, Call, Ask for Business, Reveal Benefits, Prove Benefits, Overcome Objections to HCP & KOLs etc...). Familiar with all Drug Distributing Companies in My Territories, i.e. Khorasan, Semnan, and Golestan •Comprehensive knowledge about Pharmacology: (Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics: (A.D.M.E.T), Administration: (Routes, Indications & Contraindications, Drug Interactions, Adverse Effects, ADR); (Katzung, Martindale, Remington, BP)), Pharmacognosy, , ... [more] Pharmaceutics: (Drug Forms Design and Formulation, Biopharmacy), Organic, Analytical & instrumental Chemistry •Computational Drug Design: (Structure Based & Ligand Based Drug Design: (SBDD & LBDD), Docking methods, 3D-QSAR, Prodrugs), In Vivo, In Vitro etc ... •Repairing some Medical Equipment like EKG, EMG & EEG machines … •Research in Medicinal Chemistry (Synthesis ) •Activity into Electronic “Precision Device”: Circuit Design in Instrumentation field (to Create ECG device (electrocardiogram, EKG)),PCB Board Design, Atomic Force Microscopy •MRI & R.F Shielding; Micro Wave Technology (MWT Material®) •KOL Development •PharmacoVigilance (Ph.V), Drug Pipelines, Clinical trial Phases, ICH, DMF, GMP , cGMP, eCTD & CTD, SPC, COA, COO, MSDS, R&D, QC Computer Skills •Dominate skill in working with “MATLAB”, “SPSS” ,“Microsoft Office set”, “Adobe Photoshop” •Web-Based CRM Softwares •DICOM (.dcm) Files processing (2D & 3D), Pseudocoloration and Printing •Docking Softwares (Computational Drug Design) •Hardware and Software installation and Execution •Electronic Circuit Design and Simulation Softwares