Creative Commons ('creative commons', 'commons') is a nonprofit company present on the Internet that publishes several standard licensing agreements , by which authors grant to the public the rights to freely use their works, thus creating free content. Unlike the GPL licenses well-known to the Free Software community, these however are not tailored to a single type of work, but applicable for any whatsoever work which is subject to copyright, such as text, images, music, video clips, etc.. There is also a strong gradation of degrees of freedom: from licenses, which differ little from a total reservation of rights, to licenses that place the work in the public domain- that is, where copyright is waived  as far as is possible (source: Wikipedia).

Regardless of the immediate effects - an unaltered strong protection via copyright concurrent with more precise control over what freedoms are connected with the work - there are several possible reasons for use of CC licenses:

Increase in the dissemination of one's own works: even commercial considerations can speak in favour of CC-licensing: In particular owners, who are usually young, dependent on rapid dissemination of their content, which can be difficult due to a lack of prominence. Publication under a free license has been shown to achieve significantly greater dissemination of created contents, as it can then be found by a targeted search according to its content via certain platforms and search engines.

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