Using the green “Upload images” button, to the right and above in the website, you can upload one or more images. In order to select several images, hold the “ctrl” down (PC: strg or ctrl, Mac: cmd) while selecting each of the images you wish to use.

Pay attention to the quality and format of the images-they should have no flaws- and it would be most suitable that they be saved in JPG or TIF format, so that they are recognised by our system.

When uploading the images ensure that you have full legal rights to their use, that they harm no third party or that they otherwise do not infringe DocCheck terms of use.

A tip: We are happy to undertake the task of uploading and to help you with its digitalisation and assembly of images-- simply send us the images and video on CD/DVD to:

DocCheck Medical Services GmbH
Attn.: Alexandra Schritz
Vogelsanger Str. 66
50823 Cologne

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