Frequently asked questions about this topic "Personal data"

User data obtained by DocCheck is subject to data protection.

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You decide how public your data is. When you create or edit your profile, you can choose whether your data are public or private.

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To view and edit your data as well as adjust your email-settings, just click here. Your email-settings allow individual adjustments on which type of DocCheck emails you wish to receive and how often.

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You can edit your user data and email settings here.

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No. The personal data and the eMail address of the participant will not be passed on. The eMails are sent directly by DocCheck bMail. If you would like your data to be disclosed for follow-up purposes, you must first give your consent.

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Profiles can only be deleted by DocCheck. Write an email to

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If you do not need your DocCheck Account any longer, just write us a short email and we will delete your data in the database.

Please note: After deletion, a recovery of the data is not possible.

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