With DocCheck Polls you can create polls easily and for free and share them with the medical community on DocCheck. Let your colleagues vote on your topics or participate in polls of other DocCheck members. Therefore DocCheck Polls is the perfect place for quick surveys. If you want to discuss patient cases or treatments in a more detailed way, please use DocCheck Ask.

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To create a poll, simply click on the red button "Create poll" at the right top of the page. You can ask various questions in one poll. You can even decide whether you want to allow various answers or only single answers. After saving you will be directed immediately to your poll so you can test and edit your questions.

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Yes, your vote is completely anonymous. Please consider that you can only vote once in each poll.

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You can edit your poll as long as there haven't been any votes. As soon as someone has voted the edit-function will be deactivated in order to not falsify the results. But as the owner you can reset the poll, all answers will be deleted and you can edit it again.

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