Blog, an abbreviation for "weblog", is a kind of public diary or log on the internet. The author of a blog is a "blogger" and he or she can, as the best examples show, have a lot of regular readers or "followers"

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In DocCheck News, we report on medical news – and your background knowledge, your insight into practice, your experience would enrich our palette of offerings. Create a blog on DocCheck and write about your everyday professional life. We look forward to meeting you!

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The news-editorial staff follow everything you write as a DocCheck user with great interest. And if you regularly publish something exciting or witty that suits DocCheck News, we then promote you as a recommended blogger.

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When you are logged in and open that post, alongside each comment you will see a little trash can icon.

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On the homepage of your blog you will see a little trash can icon next to each of your posts – using this you can remove the respective post. If at some time you want to delete your entire blog, please contact, adding the subject "Delete blog".

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That is entirely up to you! Do you perhaps want to have your say on something, without your co-workers recognising you? Maybe you have something explosive to report. Or does your alter ego need a place to exercise? It's much the same... whether you do it at the time you are creating your blog or you do it later, the option is there for you to specify whether you blog under your DocCheck profile or anonymously. This is equally true for each of your posts.

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If you are logged in and have already created a blog, you will see a large red button labeled "Create post" towards the upper right corner in the blog section. One click takes you to the posting template – here you can compose your entry and either publish it immediately or save it as a draft.

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As a registered and activated DocCheck user, you will find a large red button labeled "Become author" to the top right on the DocCheck news homepage – just click on it! Alternatively, you can use the navigation area in the upper area of our news portal: Use the drop down list there to find the item "Blogs" and click on "My blog".

If you do not have a blog, you will now see a form where you can define the key features of your blog. Once you have saved your entries, your blog is created!

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When you are logged in, you will find an "Upload cover image" button on the homepage of your blog. On the next page you have the possibility of uploading an image and storing it in either of two sizes by using a pressed mouse pointer in the selection of a section for the two images. One click on "Crop image" saves your selection.

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When the topic of one of your posts matches or supplements the current focus of DocCheck News, we present this post on the DocCheck News homepage and possibly even in the newsletter. Fame and glory are sure to arrive at your feet!

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