DocCheck bMail is an email information service for healthcare professionals. If you are a physician or pharmacist, for example, you can receive information from DocCheck or its industry partners via DocCheck bMail.

Our bMails inform you about:

In order to participate in DocCheck bMail, a DocCheck password is required.

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In order to participate in DocCheck bMail, register with DocCheck and tick the box “DocCheck bMail”, or set the item "bMail" to "active" in your eMail settings.


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The sender name of the mailing is as follows: "DocCheck bMail". The subject line of the eMail also starts with "DocCheck bMail:".

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No. The personal data and the eMail address of the participant will not be passed on. The eMails are sent directly by DocCheck bMail. If you would like your data to be disclosed for follow-up purposes, you must first give your consent.

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At the end of each bMail you will find a “Donation Box”. For every bMail read you can donate € 0.18 to a charitable or non-for-profit organisation.

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After receiving an eMail via DocCheck bMail you have 3 months time to click on the link in the eMail in order to activate your donation. Subsequent reimbursement is then no longer possible.

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If you no longer wish to participate in DocCheck bMail, you can cancel your subscription by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button in the footer of each bMail. Please note that this will automatically unsubscribe you from all bMails (e.g. market research invitations). Your DocCheck password will of course remain unaffected and keep its validity.

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