DocCheck bMail is an email information service for healthcare professionals. If you are a physician or pharmacist, for example, DocCheck bMail can give you newsworthy information about the pharmaceutical industry.

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All you need to do is login to and go to your email settings. There you will find DocCheck bMail and can activate the service.


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The sender's name will come up as DocCheck bMail. The subject of the email will also begin with “DocCheck bMail:”.

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No. We do not hand out your personal data to anyone. DocCheck sends out the DocCheck bMail directly. If you want us to hand out your data for follow-up actions, e.g. personal contact, you have to give a single permission.

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At the end of each bMail you will find a “Donation Box”. For every bMail read you can donate € 0.18 to a charitable or non-for-profit organisation.

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After receiving an email via DocCheck bMail you have a period of three months during which to click on a link within the email in order to donate to one of our non-profit initiatives. After this point the link will expire and thus invalidated. A retroactive attempt to donate will not be possible.

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Should you no longer wish to participate in DocCheck bMail, you can unsubscribe from DocCheck Mail in your email settings. Select "DocCheck bMail" and deactivate the service. Your DocCheck password will of course still be valid afterwards.


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