With the password obtained at no cost you acquire access to over 2,500 websites including limited-access medical content. By virtue of having this password, you will not need to register individually at each limited-access site individually. With this password you will be able to enter the site quickly!

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If you have lost your DocCheck password, please click here.

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Access to more than 2,500 medical websites is obtained very easily by having a DocCheck Password.Simply send us evidence of your professional qualifications which confirms that you work in the field of medicine. We accept as evidence for instance copies of

Alternatively you can send an official document, for example your diploma or a letter of attestation from your employer with an official letterhead, which both you and your supervisor, superior or Head have signed. Visiting cards and internet pages are not acceptable.

Send your document(s) of evidence to us via e-mail or upload it here. Another alternative naturally is to send it by fax to +49-221-92053-555.

We will activate your DocCheck-Password within 24 hours of receiving your evidence on work days.

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You can simply register here. With registration you receive a DocCheck-Password and therefore access to DocCheck Community and our services.

During and after registration you have the option to send us evidence which confirms that your profession is medically-based. As a result you then have access to over 2.500 protected-access websites with medical content.

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As a healthcare professional you can be registered with DocCheck as well, even if you are not a physician, pharmacist or an employee in the pharmaceutical industry. You can register here and  make use of services in medical information at DocCheck. Following the regulations regarding the advertisement of prescription drugs, we offer the DocCheck-Password for all relevant professional groups.

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DocCheck is neither responsible for the contents of the websites of third parties protected by a DocCheck password, nor for the decision as to whether or as to which contents are placed behind password protection.

Some websites are made available only to certain professional groups, for example physicians or pharmacists. Unfortunately DocCheck does not have any influence on whether or not a website is made available to a professional group of which you are a member. The operator decides which professional groups get access to protected areas. Please also read our terms and conditions.

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Just send us a copy of your license or your physician's-/pharmacist's identification card and state your specialty. You will find our fax number, address as well as a comfortable chance to upload (e. g. for scanned or digitally photographed documents) here. We will upgrade your student password into a full password within 24 hrs. and notify you by e-mail.

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