Physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals socialise, build networks and share knowledge in the DocCheck Community.

To become a member in the DocCheck community, simply create a profile. Thus you will be found easily by old colleagues and friends.

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In your profile you can share personal information and upload a picture of yourself. Your profile helps your colleagues to find you more easily.

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You are able to edit your profile here. The more information you enter, the easier it is for colleagues and old friends to find you on DocCheck. This way you can build a network with other experts with no effort.

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Just click on "Change picture" in your profile. Upload a picture and crop it if necessary. Then click on "Create profile picture" and the picture will be uploaded.

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You decide how public your data is. When you create or edit your profile, you can choose whether your data are public or private.

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Profiles can only be deleted by DocCheck. Write an email to

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The easiest way to get in touch with other community members is to add them as a contact. You can also subscribe to our service "Ask a colleague" to receive questions of your colleagues via eMail. Staying in touch with your colleagues is easy this way.

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Your comments within the DocCheck Community are important to us. They encourage interesting discussions; they add to your colleagues’ knowledge; they can help your colleagues and other interested readers and they display multifaceted opinions. All logged DocCheck Community members are welcome to participate. We would like to offer our users an environment where everyone can engage in discussions.

We would like you to ask all users to respect the following guidelines:

But the first and most important recommendation of the DocCheck Netiquette is:

Remember that there is a human being on the other side of the screen, too.

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