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Dans le monde entier, des scientifiques recherchent de nouvelles thérapies pour diminuer les taux de lipides dans le sang. L'inhibiteur de PCKS9, qui réduit avec succès le risque de décès ... [plus]

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L'exposition aux chats durant la petite enfance réduit le risque d'asthme jusqu'à 80% chez les enfants présentant un risque génétique important d'après une étude à long terme danoise. ... [plus]

Prof. Dr. Leszek Wojnowski a édité l'article Syphilis dans le Flexikon
Syphilis is a venereal disease caused by an infection with treponema pallidum. It belongs to the sexually transmissible diseases.

Treponema pallidum is a bacterium belonging to the spirochete family, with a length of 7-20 micrometers. ... [plus]
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The term thyrotoxicosis denotes excessive supply of the organism with thyroid hormones.

Thyrotoxicosis is a general term. True hyperthyroidism by exceeding function of the thyroid gland is used to be distinguished from factititious ... [plus]
Amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis also referred to as Amiodarone-induced hyperthyroidism, abbreviated 'AIH' , is a form of thyrotoxicosis, which can arise through treatment involving Class III antiarrhythmic amiodarone.

Amiodarone is ... [plus]
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Doc Vader Knows Your Body by ZDoggMD

In this video Doc Vader shares how he feels about patients who think they know their bodies better than him.
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I Want Muscles! Image of the Week – January 8, 2018 - CIL:41833 -

I Want Muscles! Image of the Week – January 8, 2018 CIL:41833 - Description: Confocal micrograph showing the complex connectivity at the neuromuscular junction of Drosophila (fruit fly). Muscle fibers ... [plus]
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"Just Stop" (Adapted from Kesha's "Tik Tok") by ZDoggMD

This tanning salon parody is meant to highlight the dangers of indoor tanning. The only wrinkles we want to see on your face are laugh wrinkles!
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Can You Smell What This Zebrafish is Seeing! Image of the Week – January 1, 2018 - CIL:41567 -

CIL:41567 - Description: Eyes and optic tectum of five-day-old zebrafish larva that has a mutation causing retinal axons to project into the olfactory lobe. This image was created from a 125-slice Z-stack ... [plus]
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The DIC score is a scoring system that is based on laboratory parameters. It is used to estimate the possibility of a disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) being present. For the diagnosis of a DIC clinical criteria as well as laboratory ... [plus]
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The Child-Pugh criteria are used for the standardized description and classification of hepatic cirrhosis. The criteria use the severity of symptoms to rank the disease into various levels. The ranking into levels allows for a more appropriate ... [plus]