Make me an Elf! - News

For some it is mayhem, for others it's the most honest confession in the world: Body Modification. Ever since the appearance of the piercing- and tattoo fashion in the nineties, body modification bloo
18/09/2008, DocCheck News Redaktion

Fighting Cancer with Powerful Proteasome Inhibition - Blog

When it comes to blood cancer Lymphoma is the most common. Lymphoma manifests in two general forms: Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Uncontrollable proliferation of lymphocytes (catego
04/04/2016, Kumba Sennaar

A physician’s letter to his younger self - Blog

Well, I write to you from thirteen years into the future, on the brink of finishing cardiology fellowship in less than a year. It is hard to believe that I can finally begin to see the light at the en
25/08/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

Evidence-based guidelines won’t prevent malpractice claims - Blog

The best way to avoid being sued for malpractice is to make certain that all your patients are happy and all their outcomes are good. Reality is seldom so rosy. Patients aren’t necessarily happy even
14/07/2016, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

Cancer: An Inheritance That One Cannot Reject - News

How do ethnic or gender differences manifest as part of cancer risk? And what added value do doctors get from the respective information? These questions are being answered by researchers using long-t
13/09/2016, Michael van den Heuvel

Medical students: What no one tells you about anesthesiology - Blog

In case you were wondering — robots won’t replace anesthesiologists any time soon. There will definitely be a place for feedback and closed-loop technology applications in sedation and in general anes
01/07/2016, Associate Professor Karen Sibert

MS: Healing Through High-Risk Therapy - News

One radical method of treatment seems able to stop MS - but the treatment is life-threatening. First, the researchers almost completely killed the immune system of patients by chemotherapy. Then they
09/08/2016, Irene Habich

Multiple sclerosis: Black holes in everyday life - Blog

To promote awareness of this disease the global MS community is brought together on World MS Day to share experiences for everyone affected. World MS Day is now reaching hundreds of thousandss people
27/05/2015, DocCheck Community International

Autoimmune Diseases: Parkinson Is In The Cast - News

Researchers during their search for the causes of Parkinson's disease have come across a fresh and clear track: they have observed a link between Parkinson-typical genetic alterations and T-cell activ
20/09/2016, Sabine Fliegen

Live Reporter in the world of radiology - 50 shades of grey in real life! - Blog

\n Dear ECR 2016-followers, the congress is over and first of all: I'm tired to death! It was a quantity of work, but still worth it. My pedometer shows more than 35.000 footsteps in two days and so I
06/03/2016, ECR 2016

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