Cranial from the Greek: kranion — skull German: Kranial Definition Cranial is an adjective with the meanings: Located in or directed toward the head or cranium; pertaining to, situated in, or oriented

Madelung's deformity

Madelung's deformity named after the German surgeon Otto Wilhelm Madelung (1846-1926) German: Madelung-Deformität Madelung´s deformity is a deformity of the cubital joint, bent to the volar side. It i

Anconeus muscle

Anconeus muscle from Greek: αγκων ("ancon") - elbow Synonyms: anconeus, elbow muscle, elbow tubercle muscle German: Musculus anconeus Contents 1 Definition 2 Devolution 3 Innervation 4 Function 1 Defi

Rapid Sequence Induction

Rapid Sequence Induction German: Blitzeinleitung Contents 1 Definition 2 Procedure 3 Indication 4 Complications 1 Definition Rapid sequence induction (RSI) is a special technique in anesthesiology to

Non-thyroidal illness syndrome

Non-thyroidal illness syndrome Synonyms: Euthyroid-Sick Syndrome (ESS), Non-Thyroidal Illness Syndrome (NTIS), Thyroid Allostasis in Critical Illness, Tumours, Uraemia and Starvation (TACITUS) German:

Thyrotropic feedback control

Thyrotropic feedback control Synonyms: Pituitary-thyroid feedback control, pituitary-thyroid axis, thyrotropic axis, Astwood-Hoskins loop Contents 1 Definition 2 Physiology 3 Functional states of pitu
31/03/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich

Digestive system

Digestive system Synonyms: digestive system, canalis alimentarius, apparatus digestorius, systema digestivum, digestive tract German: Verdauungstrakt Contents 1 Definition 2 Classification 2.1 ... top

Superior phrenic artery

Superior phrenic artery Synonyms: Upper phrenic artery German: Arteria phrenica superior 1 Definition The superior phrenic arteries are a pair of small vascular branches of the thoracic artery that ex

Sigmoid colon

Sigmoid colon Synonyms: colon sigmoideum German: Colon sigmoideum Contents 1 Definition 2 Anatomy 2.1 Overview 2.2 Blood supply 2.3 Topography 3 Function 4 Clinical observations 1 Definition The sigmo

Collateral ligament

Collateral ligament German: Kollateralband 1 Definition Collateral ligament refers to the ligamentous structures which proceed sideways, more precisely medial and lateral, of the joint respectively of

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