Herpes zoster as a marker of underlying malignancy

Both herpes zoster and malignancy are associated with immunosuppression. However, the association between herpes zoster and the subsequent diagnosis of malignancy is unclear. We undertook this study t
06/05/2014, Karl Iglar, Alexander Kopp, Richard H. Glazier

Clinical evaluation

Medical devices for EHF- IR therapy mod. «TRIOMED UNIVERSAL», «TRIOMED COMPACT» and «TRIOMED CGI».
21/05/2015, Rudolf Westfal


Cleft lips and palate
08/03/2016, Drª Silvana Ribeiro Roda

White Paper DocCheck Search

DocCheck Search - the search engine for login-protected content While other search engines capitulate when facing HWG (German laws on pharmaceutics advertising), DocCheck only then really gets going
19/11/2015, DocCheck Industry International

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