Study on insect pheromone has played an important role.
26/10/2016, Hannah Roberts

Expression of MACC1 and c-Met in human gastric cancer and its clinical significance

Recent studies have suggested that the metastasis-associated colon cancer1 (MACC1) gene can promote tumor proliferation, invasion and metastasis through an upregulation of c-Met expression. However, i
23/01/2014, Guo et al.

Elevated Plasma Vitamin B 12 Levels as a Marker for Cancer

A substantial proportion of patients reffered for plasma vitamin B 12 measurement present with high levels, which have been reported in patients with different cancer types. This population-based coho
11/02/2015, Dr. med. Juergen Fittschen

La Frustrazione Lavorativa

22/02/2015, psicologo - salerno dott antonio d'urso

Advances in Schizophrenia

An update on the science of Schizophrenia
18/05/2016, Dr Ghassan Haddad


Liraglutide (NN2211) is a long-acting glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist.
27/10/2016, Chloe Mica


Cleft lips and palate
08/03/2016, Drª Silvana Ribeiro Roda

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