The Disease - Snooper - News

German researchers have developed an analysis method which might - a few years down the road - help detecting infections and cancer in breathing air. During this non-invasive procedure, the patient ju
13/10/2008, Thorsten Braun

Botox: Wrinkle Killers on the Tramp - News

For many years the application of Botox was considered safe and nearly free of any side effects. If dosed correctly the bacteria poison works solely locally. Results of Italian neurologists are now ra
25/08/2008, Erich Lederer

Anonymously on the Web - Syphilis Test 2.0 - News

Wild life in Amsterdam: With an internet portal, the Dutch try to get a grip on the increase of sexually transmitted diseases. The anonymous tool helps with the early diagnosis of syphilis and rapid t
28/06/2008, Philipp Graetzel

Pediatrics: Swap Tongue Depressors against Webcam - News

Parents no longer have to drop everything and run whenever their child hurts in day care. In simple cases the computer with internet connection and camera provides first aid. The system does not only
21/07/2008, Erich Lederer

Well then... Cheers! - News

The year started well. News came from Denmark that alcohol, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can lower the risk of cardiac diseases. Cambridge announced that among others a moderate consumption can
28/06/2008, Karin Bäck

Cheap is just not working - News

Just the industry profits from expensive drugs? Nonsense! A study made by US placebo researchers now shows that patients are judging the efficiency of pills by its price as well. Unnoticed, unknowingl
23/04/2008, Philipp Graetzel

A Nap with the Scalpel - News

Whoever does not give his or her brain some rest on a regular basis has to be aware of blackouts. There are various ways to achieve longer "mileage": Coffee, power pills or even better the "cat-nap"?
17/09/2008, Erich Lederer

A Smile like a Print - News

Researchers dream about a future when they could "print" skin tissue and blood vessels. Today the industry already expects promising market chances with laser-sinters of protheses, bones or dental pro
17/09/2008, Karin Bäck

Wound Healing: Babyface in lieu of Scarface - News

Lash on the throat after a little accident with the sword? Ugly scar after a surgery? Who needs that? Now scientists want to tackle one of the oldest problems of human vulnerability by genetic enginee
19/03/2008, Philipp Graetzel

Cell-Tuning for stuttering Hearts - News

Deadly cardiac arrythmias are the most feared complication of an acute myocardial infarction. Scientists now succeeded to prevent ventricular tachycardia from mice by embryonic cells. And even better:
28/06/2008, Philipp Graetzel

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