Frailty German: Frailty Synonym: Frailty-syndrome Contents 1 Definition 2 Classification 3 Prevalence 4 Typical Diseases 5 Pathophysiology 6 Therapy 7 Sources 1 Definition In the medical context the t


CRB-65-score German: CRB-65-Index Synonym: CRB65-Score Contents 1 Definition 2 Classification 3 Interpretation 4 Sources 5 Weblinks 1 Definition The CRB-65-score is a clinical score that is used to ro

NYHA stages

NYHA stages German: NYHA-Klassifikation Named after the New York Heart Association Contents 1 Definition 2 NYHA stage I 3 NYHA stage II 4 NYHA stage III 5 NYHA stage IV 6 Treatment 1 Definition The NY

SOFA score

SOFA score German: SOFA-Score Contents 1 Definition 2 Classification 2.1 Respiration 2.2 Central nervous system 2.3 Cardiovascular System 2.4 Liver function 2.5 Blood clotting 2.6 Renal function 3 Eva

QSOFA score

QSOFA score Synonym: quickSOFA score German: qSOFA-Score 1 Definition The qSOFA score is a simplified version of the SOFA score. It is a bedside test used in preclinical situations or the emergency ro


Duke-Criteria named after the Duke university in North Carolina German: Duke-Kriterien Contents 1 Definition 2 Background 3 Major Criteria 4 Minor Criteria 5 Classification 1 Definition Together, the


ABCD2-score German: ABCD2-Score Contents 1 Definition 2 Calculation 3 Risk assessment 4 Sources 1 Definition The ABCD2-score is a prognostic scoring system that can be used to help with estimating the

DIC score

DIC score German: DIC-score 1 Definition The DIC score is a scoring system that is based on laboratory parameters. It is used to estimate the possibility of a disseminated intravascular coagulation (D

Child-Pugh criteria

Child-Pugh criteria German: Child-Pugh-Kriterien Definition The Child-Pugh criteria are used for the standardized description and classification of hepatic cirrhosis. The criteria use the severity of


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