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Anal abscess
Chicken pox
Hidradenitis suppurativa
Diabetic glomerulosclerosis


Dimer From Greek: meros - part German: Dimer 1 Definition A dimer is a macromolecule that is composed of two equal components (monomers). These components can be identical (homodimer) or slightly diff


Interactomics Interactomics is a biomedical research field that deals with systems-level mutual interactions, i. e. behaviour or morphology of an organism's components as response to stimuli from with

Descriptive Anatomy

Descriptive Anatomy Latin: describere - to describe German: Deskriptive Anatomie 1 Definition Descriptive anatomy is the name of a method or approach in the fields of anatomy which is distinguished by


Fibula From Latin: fibula - brooch Synonym: calf bone German: Fibula Contents 1 Definition 2 Anatomy 2.1 Corpus fibulae (fibular shaft) 2.2 Collum fibulae (fibular neck) 2.3 caput fibulae (head of cal


Osteokinematics German: Osteokinematik Definition Osteokinematics describes clear movements of bones which are visible from the outside. They arise from rotation around the joint axis. Some examples a

Neutral position

Neutral position German: Neutral-Null-Stellung 1 Definition The neutral position is the bodily posture in which a patient is standing with the feed parallel to the analogous hip. The arms are hanging

Computed tomography

Computed tomography Synonyms: computed tomography, computerized tomography, CT scan, CT German: Computertomographie Contents 1 Definition 2 Principle 3 History 3.1 Discovery 3.2 Milestones in the deve

Intrauterine growth retardation

Intrauterine growth retardation from Latin: intra - within, uterus - womb, retardus - retarded, delayed Synonym: IUGR, prenatal dystrophy, fetal hypotrophy German: Intrauterine Wachstumsretardierung C


Head Synonyms: caput (Latin), cephalon (Greek) German: Kopf 1 Definition The head is the uppermost part of the human body that hosts the brain, the food uptake organs, the access to the airways and im

Thyroid cartilage

Thyroid cartilage Professional term: thyroid cartilage German: Cartilago thyroidea 1 Definition The thyroid cartilage is a cartilagineous part of the human larynx. 2 Anatomy The thyroid cartilage cons

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