Nixon's Heirs - At War with Cancer - News

For quite some time, physicians making war on cancer have a whole series of novel agents at hand - but not every physician knows when and under what conditions those agents are working. A complex ende
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Morbus Single - News

Psychologists discovered: Loneliness is contagious. They examined social contacts by the Framingham Heart Study. There it showed that lonely people transmit their condition to their surroundings where
Birgit Frohn

Alzheimer? Take a deep Breath - News

Cholinesterase inhibitor, memantine, ginkgo? Snows of yesteryear. US physicians have now treated patients suffering from Morbus Alzheimer with CPAP. And guess what: It could improve the cognitive perf
Philipp Graetzel

Pipsqueak against Resistances - News

Larger, higher, further - these are the dimensions of general interest. But not in nanotechnology. There it can't get small enough. Also medicine benefits from the nanos, for example in identifying an
Karin Bäck

The Bin-Laden-Pill - News

Erstwhile developed as a potent remedy, many active agents come into the firing line of military strategists. In the future we might win wars with substances influencing cognitive abilities and the mi
Erich Lederer

Pregnancy: Retirement Notice For The Stork? - News

Intestinal worms and other parasites are freeloaders that can harm the health of their host. Yet they may perhaps also have an unexpected effect: they might be able to enhance fertility and offer help
Christine Amrhein

Tough Waves on Soft Spots - News

The market is full of things against erectile dysfunction: Pills, pumps and psychoanalysis are supposed to help up weakening loins. Now scientists have tested yet another therapeutic approach: They wa
Michael Lukas

Fetus hoists up Flag - News

During pregnancy mother and child close a non-aggression pact. For quite a while we know details about the control of the mother's immune system. Now researchers show how the control of an astonishing
Erich Lederer

Zika Virus: In 40 Mosquitoes Around The World - News

For many years Zika virus slumbered away in solitude, little noticed by science. Now it's rushing from country to country. Its harmlessness as described earlier is also something it has left in the pa
Michael van den Heuvel

Alzheimer's disease: A light at the end of the tunnel? - News

December 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of Alzheimer's death. Yet, there are still no convincing studies dealing with how to stop or even reverse the mental disease that was named after him. For no
Erich Lederer

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