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9 Easy Tips for Your Happiest, Healthiest Life - Blog

\n According to the Declaration of Independence, one of our inalienable rights is the pursuit of happiness. The key word is “pursuit.” Happiness and health aren’t just going to show up at your door wi
21/09/2018, Kevin Gardner

The Best Way to Treat a Knocked Out Tooth - Blog

\n According to dental care experts, knocked out tooth or “avulsed” tooth is one of the serious oral emergencies. However, if there is any damage on the tooth, it can be fixed. By taking immediate s
20/09/2018, Aaliyah Smith

Ketogenic Diet and Nutrient Deficiencies: Should We Be Concerned - Blog

\n The ketogenic diet involves dramatically restricting carbohydrates, usually to below 50 grams per day while also increasing dietary fat intake. This is necessary to achieve the primary purpose of t
18/09/2018, Sean Lockwood

Tips to Healthier and Happier Dental Health - Blog

\n Superficial objects such as money, and fancy things will never make a person truly happy. Instead, consider the small things you can do now, to change your life later. Everyone has a beautifully un
17/09/2018, Kevin Gardner

Tips for Buying Prom Dress Under $100 - Blog

\n If you plan to go home or go to the party, you want a dress that makes you look amazing for this important event in your life. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your dress
17/09/2018, Emma Griffin

Physician Grief: Is integration better than compartmentalization? - Blog

\n originally published August 2018 on Doximity's Op-(m)ed blog. An oncologist colleague once said to me at a funeral, “People assume that as oncologists, we understand more about death than other
17/09/2018, Jennifer Lycette

10 Tips for a Winning Resume - Blog

\n According to an HR professional, a resume has only 10 seconds to make an impact on the HR executive. Only 10 seconds! Even the everyday commercials that we see get more than 10 seconds to sell thei
14/09/2018, Hilary

Back pain: The research project "Ran Rücken" is intended to help - Blog

\n About eight in ten Germans suffer from back pain during their lifetime. Too much or the wrong movements can also cause problems. "Ran Rücken", the interdisciplinary research project aims to determi
11/09/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Capturing the patient's story, or capturing a billing code? - Blog

\n Is the duty of the physician to capture the patient’s story or capturing a billing code? In July 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed revamping Medicare payments for
06/09/2018, Jennifer Lycette

In medicines carcinogens were found - Blog

The US Sanitary Administration questioned the safety of a whole class of drugs against high blood pressure. They may contain chemicals that cause cancer. Sanitary\n The US Sanitary Administration qu
03/09/2018, syed arslan

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