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Cystic Fibrosis: It Keeps Progressing - News

Until now, cystic fibrosis has been primarily treated symptomatically. Now results exist from studies on causal therapy: tezacaftor, a new "CFTR corrector", can improve the lung function of patients w
28/12/2017, Michael van den Heuvel

COPD: Spitting Out An Evaluation - News

of early-stage COPD. The Global Initative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) revised the guidelines for the classification of severity of COPD in 2017. Previously the decisive criteria had
28/12/2017, Anke Hörster

3D-Layering in Cosmetic Dentistry - Blog

The innovations in cosmetic dentistry\n We live in an era of astonishing scientific and technological progress. The technologies are improving faster than we could ever believe it possible. The progre
25/12/2017, Amelia Grant

Nuvaring: Pros And Cons - Blog

Nuvaring pros and cons - let your patients know this information!\n Nuvaring is one of the innovational method of contraception. It has hormonal action but does not come in the form of pills. It is a
23/12/2017, Amelia Grant

The Laser Treatment Of Periodontitis - Blog

Laser Treatment Of Periodontitis\n Periodontitis is a severe gum disease that can lead to a loss of teeth. The innovational treatment strategies are constantly improved to cope with it more successful
22/12/2017, Amelia Grant

Turner’s Hypoplasia Diagnostics - Blog

What is Turner's hypoplasia?\n White spots on baby teeth are not just a cosmetic defect. They may be the sign of the enamel hypoplasia. Enamel hypoplasia means incomplete or defective formation of the
21/12/2017, Amelia Grant

Teeth Whitening Strips - Blog

Are teeth whitening strips a safe method of domestic teeth whitening?\n Nowadays the domestic methods of teeth whitening gained much popularity. Doctors do not consider them the safest way of manipula
20/12/2017, Amelia Grant

Sweet Addiction: First Signs Of The Problem - Blog

Loving sweets is not such an innocent habit as it may seem\n Perhaps, all people in the world like sweets. They are tasty and sometimes it seems impossible to resist the desire to have a doughnut or c
19/12/2017, Amelia Grant

Blood Donation: The Vampirical Antihypertensive - News

Donating blood is supposed to have a positive effect on high blood pressure. Patients with moderate hypertension benefited in particular. Recipients, however, must be prepared to deal with risks: youn
19/12/2017, Michael van den Heuvel

10 Effective Ways to Stay Healthy at Work during Winter Season - Blog

\n It is severe winter season with the ongoing cold and flu catching up people quickly. It’s also the stressful time at office with the end of the year, deadlines to meet to wrap up projects soon and
18/12/2017, Ryan Holman

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