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Is It Abuse or Medical Malpractice? Investigating Violence and Neglect in Nursing Homes - Blog

Children and the elderly are the two most vulnerable population segments in our society, and laws as well as cultural norms are built around protecting them from harm and providing them with care.\n C
28/12/2016, Ralph Leon

Spine Equipment Market Consumption for Import/Export, Supply & Demand, Cost, Price, Revenue and Gross Margin data to 2021 - Blog

\n Spine Equipment Market is expected to witness growth of international market with respect to advancements and innovations including development history, competitive analysis and regional developmen
27/12/2016, angalik Bute

Buy Used Motorcycles from Leading Online Store - Blog

\n The great increase in the population of the world along with the high escalation in the demand of the petroleum products has created the need of fuel-efficient mode of conveyance. Motorcycles are t
27/12/2016, Samuel Greg

Infections: Hit The Virus In The Sweet Spot - News

Many illnesses are accompanied by zero appetite. Researchers have now shown that abstaining from eating helps fight bacterial infections. Our immune system benefits, to be sure. In the case of virus t
27/12/2016, Michael van den Heuvel

p53: Who's Arousing The Tumour Slayer? - News

p53 is one of the body's most important weapons against cancer. In most tumours the tumour suppressor gene is however mutated. Scientists have for a long time been trying to retrieve this "guardian of
27/12/2016, Nicole Simon

Cervical Cancer: An Injection Of New Hope - News

Cervical cancer rates as one of the most common cancers in women. Approximately 500,000 women fall victim to it annually worldwide; 350,000 die. Recovery is only possible with treatment at an early st
20/12/2016, Silke Kerscher-Hack

Barcode ribbon - Blog

As all businesses will know there are times when barcode labels will be needed for various purposes. Direct Thermal Labels are used for more temporary applications, like shipping labels where the labe
17/12/2016, Barcode labels

New Research and Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients - Blog

Having cared for many hundreds of boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, it was encouraging to see an article by Nicholas Wade in the January 1, 2016 New York Times. Three researchers are trying a
17/12/2016, Charlotte Thompson, M.D.

Calcium Preparations: Creeping Calcifier - News

Many people reach for calcium supplements in order to cover their daily needs. According to a new study these preparations increase the risk of atherosclerotic impact and thus of getting cardiac disea
13/12/2016, Silke Kerscher-Hack

Hair Analysis: Few Facts, A Great Number Of Rapunzel Myths - News

Hair analyses are increasingly playing a role in medicine. Drug analytics, evidence of alcohol use, the uncovering of mineral and vitamin deficits are just a few of the fields of use. Not so rarely ho
13/12/2016, Matthias Bastigkeit

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