Night work: swapping shift with the tumour - News

For several years, the news that shift work might cause cancer brought discomfort. At least 19% of the working population of the EU are shift workers. In many affected areas, there will be no future o
20/12/2012, Puran Falaturi

Flu vaccination: A Needle-Placebo? - News

September 2012 in the journal The Lancet, examined the effect of influenza vaccination on the population there. Between 21 October 2009 and 31 January 2010 about 15% (38,296 people) of those ill with
20/12/2012, Michael Strausz

Dental Hygiene: No Closing Credits For Biofilm - News

Dentists have developed a new understanding of caries prevention. The magic word is biofilm management. The toothbrush has not yet had its day, but researchers are working on new ideas. Their strategi
20/12/2012, Michael van den Heuvel

Brain is free for the thinking prosthesis - News

also wears off over time. In Parkinson's research therefore the focus of a research project started in May 2012 called DBS SMART, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is on the
04/12/2012, Julia Hofmann

ADHD seldom comes alone - News

Oppositional behaviour problems are a known side effect of ADHD. Other mental disorders such as tics, anxiety and personality disorders in children with ADHD are more common than in children without i
04/12/2012, Dunja Voos

Leg ulcers: does it stay open or can we keep hoping? - News

Not infrequently a chronic wound becomes an amputation. Research devotes considerable resources in order to develop new dressings. The course of the disease is not only affected by what is used agains
04/12/2012, Erich Lederer

Thalamus stimulation: awake without consciousness - News

Minimal communication seems to work without the cerebrum. If one excites the thalamus or brain areas in its vicinity with specific impulses, even patients under general anaesthesia wake up temporarily
19/11/2012, Erich Lederer

Tumor therapy: Guidance on apoptosis - News

Cancer treatment is usually based on the killing off of dividing cells. The easiest option to use would be where the tumour cells simply kill themselves via apoptosis. Using the support of a new subst
19/11/2012, Christine Hutterer

ALS: Protein in the repository - News

In amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, protein deposits lead to the demise of motor neurons. Causal therapy is indeed not currently possible. Researchers have however discovered several Achilles heels. En-
19/11/2012, Michael van den Heuvel

Mammary carcinoma: the many faces of cancer - News

A study concludes that most breast cancers are caused by mutations in 30 to 50 genes. One of the key findings is that many of the newly discovered breast cancer mutations are put specifically in the f
31/10/2012, Michael Strausz

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