Adult ADHD: Pippi is growing up - News

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a problem of  Fidgety Philip or Pippi Longstocking? For some time now psychiatrists have classified this ailment as an illness of children. Help i
20/12/2011, Michael van den Heuvel

Missed Abortion: wait and see - News

What could be worse than, on the basis of a sono-finding, giving advice to a pregnant woman on having an abrasion, although the embryo is alive? The current assessment criteria are quite possibly too
20/12/2011, Dunja Voos

HIV: Donation safari in Africa - News

The battle for HIV prevention in Africa is also a contest for the best use of funds. From Big Pharma to Big Gates, all are on-site and distributing money in large volumes. Success follows suit, where
20/12/2011, Philipp Graetzel

Cancer? I do not want. I do not have. - News

of the waiting list at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, such was the extent of his disease. In the medium term his surgeons were successful, yet he died on 5 October 2011. Steve Jobs story, in
05/12/2011, Michael van den Heuvel

Alice in Warcraftland - News

As part of the focus campaign "Adolescent Medicine" emerging from the 49th Annual Meeting of the ÖGKJ (Austrian Society of Therapeutics for Children and Youth), paediatricians and doctors specialised
05/12/2011, Michael Strausz

Child soldiers: Stress in children's bedrooms - News

Children whose parents are deployed in war as soldiers frequently show psychological abnormalities. First and foremost one finds acute stress reactions, but also adaptation syndrome as a result of pro
05/12/2011, Dunja Voos

Intersexuality: Female man or male woman? - News

. Clueless in psychotherapy treatment XY female Network Intersexuality Postponing irreversible changes Self-determination over one's bodies "Genital remover-meetings - dates 2011/2012", "Dogs are better
22/11/2011, Erich Lederer

Phantom pain: pinching in nowhere - News

Whether from a car accident or adult-onset diabetes: the number of amputations is rising. Whatever is not there should also actually not cause any more pain: not so at all! Patients with phantom pain
22/11/2011, Michael van den Heuvel

Alzheimer's disease gene: Good for calcification - News

Why has the risk gene for Alzheimer's and cardiovascular diseases APOE4 not been selected against during evolution? It's simple: At an early age it supports, for instance, bone health. Inadequate supp
22/11/2011, Christine Hutterer

JIA: Small knee, big pain - News

The typical rheumatism sufferer is thought of as a geriatric patient - but idiopathic arthritis also affects children. Diagnosis and therapy in some cases differ significantly from that of "grown-up"
07/11/2011, Matthias Bastigkeit

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