Zero Conception in the Homezone - News

A man carrying around his cell phone in his pants pocket or on his belt better has concluded his family planning. There is an increase of evidence that electromagnetic waves damage the sperm. Sperms s
21/12/2009, Michael Lukas

The Brainless - News

A cold-blooded plan or just freaking out after a few words? What's going on in young people's minds when they let their hate run wild beating up their victims or even kill them? Not only psychologists
21/12/2009, Erich Lederer

Phyto-Gong from Hong Kong - News

Round about 20 herbs are supposed to reverse or stop the destructive process of liver fibrosis - thus a report by Chinese physicians at the Hong Kong University. And now they show that even the replic
21/12/2009, DocCheck News Redaktion

Chronic Fatigue: Worn out by Viruses - News

(Gammaretrovirus, Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus) on the monocytes of the peripheral blood (Science 2009; doi: 10.1126/science.1179052). In healthy control persons, only 3.7 percent were infected
21/12/2009, Julia Hofmann

Beat Brother is watching you - News

Harvard Medical School and other experts are now tossing in the debate in the journal BMJ (2009; 339:b3677) goes the extra mile. In a study they examined whether it is possible to determine whether
24/11/2009, Philipp Graetzel

Was Marx invers? - News

a squamous epithelium carcinoma in the perianal area is estimated at around 2 to 3 percent (Volker Wienert: Coloproctology 2009, 31, 175-179). Similar to other skin diseases, the life quality of
24/11/2009, Thomas Kron

Slender Legs - A Beauty to die for - News

Especially women are angry about a larger size of their upper thighs. But legs as slender as long are not exactly desirable - at least from a medical point of view: Because a low size of thighs obviou
24/11/2009, Julia Hofmann

AML: Antibodies against Fare-Dodgers - News

On its way from the bone marrow to other tissue, a molecule on the cell's surface protects against macrophages. Not only hematopoietic stem cells but also cancer cells take advantage of this ticket fo
24/11/2009, Erich Lederer

Epigenetics: Cutting edge experience of birth - News

Stray reports about after-effects on Cesarean children did not damage the popularity of this method so far. The discovery of Swedish researchers might rekindle the discussion - because the genotype of
02/11/2009, Erich Lederer

Shock for the Granola-Man - News

review. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; 2009, Vol. 90, No. 3, 680-685 Tauscher, B. et al. Bewertung von Lebensmitteln verschiedener Produktionsverfahren - Statusbericht 2003, submitted by the
02/11/2009, Birgit Frohn

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