Cancer in the Non-Smoking Area - News

Tobacco increases the risk of lung cancer like hardly any other factor. Nonetheless - the bronchial carcinoma hits overproportionally many never puffing away on a smoke. Some researchers start believi
18/12/2007, Erich Lederer

Simply wonderbra - News

technology used is so simple, Siores is confident that the Smart Bra will be offered soon, although not for Christmas business 2007 yet: "We expect the bra going into production within the next couple of years
18/12/2007, Philipp Graetzel

The same - and yet entirely different - News

Up to now - with a few exceptions - the rule applied: If two have the same gene equipment, the environment determines the development of each person. Geneticists at Harvard University have discovered
18/12/2007, Erich Lederer

Mouse Click instead of Lab Mouse - News

"Gene discovered in mouse which is immune against cancer". "Protein NF-kappa B rejuvenates the mouse skin". These are almost daily news. Harmless animal testings? The objectors of animal experiments h
17/12/2007, Karin Bäck

Wound Therapy Middle Earth Style - News

The movies just make you fat and lazy? Fiddlesticks! Ever since Frodo wandered from the Shire to Mordor across the movie screens, physicians get clear a whole lot better with the wound of their patien
23/11/2007, Philipp Graetzel

Suicide of a Cancer Cell - News

The tumor suppressor factor p53 prevents the unchecked reproduction of cells but often is modified and ineffective in tumor patients. p73, a close relative, could be the more rewarding target of novel
23/11/2007, Erich Lederer

Macho - 9 months pregnant - News

Not just gynecologists know that women get round during pregnancy. Men are suffering from pregnancy symptoms is less common knowledge. Behind it: The "Couvade-Syndrom". And it affects even tough guys.
23/11/2007, DocCheck News Redaktion

Operation Coitus - News

In spite of afternoon talk shows about penis-length and celebrities not wearing any panties: The sexual needs of handicapped people are still a taboo issue in the 21st century. Whoever cannot live a "
19/11/2007, Philipp Graetzel

Time is Brain - Sometimes - News

Every fourth man and every fifth woman is affected by apoplexy. In 85 percent of all cases the disease is caused by a thrombus. Thrombolysis opens 60 percent of all closures. But diabetics have a more
24/10/2007, Monika Lerch

Tiger in Chianti-Country - News

More and more animal- and plant species are populating Europe - quite often bringing diseases yet unknown in this region. While more and more endangered species are dying out on other continents, a ti
24/10/2007, DocCheck News Redaktion

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