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Leukemia: Signal Conduction cut - News

Hope for patients with an acute myeloid leukemia: Oncologists in Marburg/Germany were able to show that - with this type of blood cancer - Sorafenib helps, a drug already approved for liver- and kidne
30/09/2009, Thorsten Braun

Breast Cancer: With the Aid of B&T - News

A team of researchers has discovered the importance of the immune system for prognosis of mamma carcinomas: If B- and T-lymphocytes are particularly active, the probability of distant metastases occur
31/08/2009, Thorsten Braun

The Disease - Snooper - News

German researchers have developed an analysis method which might - a few years down the road - help detecting infections and cancer in breathing air. During this non-invasive procedure, the patient ju
13/10/2008, Thorsten Braun

Wash and Go for Renal Failure - News

Scientists in California have developed a portable artificial kidney. It soon could save patients suffering from chronic renal failure from hours and hours of treatment in dialysis centers. In an init
28/05/2008, Thorsten Braun

Alzheimer Test: Tell-tale Proteins - News

Berlin researchers want to improve the diagnosis of Alzheimer. The plan: To attest the disease earlier and more precisely by blood test. Two small protein fragments play an important role. Diagnosis -
19/03/2008, Thorsten Braun

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