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Here come the winners - News

Four rounds are over, the final place in the ranking list is occupied. But even after the competition, you can still give punch to your medical images at DocCheck Pictures. Here are the weekly contest
05/11/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

New doc boxing her way through - News

In Round 3 of the DocCheck Pictures Medical Image Contest a new upstart of international calibre left the competitors looking old. Throw your weight in the ring for the finals. Use your last opportuni
28/10/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

Storybook victory using effective hits - News

The second round of the DocCheck Pictures Medical Image Contest is over and the next has already begun. Again, it was made of exciting scenes, exciting encounters and in the end only one winner. Take
18/10/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

Medical image contest: something hits the eye - News

Haematoma, cuts and fractures. On DocCheck Pictures you can now really hit the mark with your medical photographs. Upload your photos to be thrown into the ring and pick yourself up one of our prizes.
05/10/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

DocCheck Pictures: Lasting impressions - News

Whether individual case studies or whole series of findings - DocCheck Pictures offers impressive imagery from the hospital and the clinic. And it comes first-hand, that is to say your hand. We say th
05/08/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

12,000 Clickable Medical Diagnoses - News

For DocCheck Pictures it all began in 2008 with the upload of the first medical images of diagnostic findings. Meanwhile the medical imaging community has come to include 12,000 recorded medical findi
05/07/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

Medicipate! - News

The fact that DocCheck is more than just a medical password service is now well known to everyone. But did you also know that you can help shape the content in DocCheck actively? And indeed easier and
23/05/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

Become part of DocCheck News - News

We want you and your stories for DocCheck News! Become author and blog about your topics. Dear DocCheck User, We want to hear about your news and stories. From now on you can participate as an author
21/05/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

DocCheck Pictures: Show us what you got! - News

Do you have medical pictures which you would like to share with other physicians? Do you have exciting clinical findings from which others could learn? Then why not get started and upload your images
18/04/2013, Stefanie Bartsch

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