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Human embryo gene modification - where do we draw the line? - News

Rumors of human embryo gene-editing have been floating around in the past few years, causing a great deal of ethical debates. Now, with the publication of a study from Chinese scientists reporting the
20/05/2015, Rozina Kardakaris

Antibodies: A promising treatment for HIV? - News

Previous attempts at antibody-based HIV treatments showed little success, possibly due to their inability to neutralize a broad range of HIV strains. Now, scientists show that use of 3BN117, a potent
21/04/2015, Rozina Kardakaris

Marijuana ‘munchies': A key to losing weight? - News

Marijuana consumption is known to trigger increased appetite, known as having ‘the munchies'. Now, newly emerging knowledge on how marijuana regulates appetite could assist in the constant struggle ag
05/03/2015, Rozina Kardakaris

HPV: Linking sex and throat cancer - News

Researchers have uncovered surprising new evidence linking HPV with head and neck cancer. Evidence now shows that the virus is responsible for 45% to 90% of throat cancer cases worldwide. If this hold
20/03/2014, Rozina Kardakaris

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