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Top 5 Radiology Apps For 2018 - Blog

\n Physicians utilize their tablets and smartphones for work at very high rates. As per Kluwer Health survey, 44% of the doctors use smartphones access clinical reference tools with patients communica
19/02/2018, Ray Parker

6 Compelling Reasons To Use IoT In Healthcare - Blog

\n The Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT can be defined as the network of vehicles and physical devices and other items entrench with network connectivity, actuators, sensors, software, and electr
18/10/2017, Ray Parker

5 Best Pregnancy Apps for Pregnant Moms - Blog

With millions of apps available on market, you have to pick the one that suits you. For example, if you are in the ovulation period and trying to conceive a baby, you might not need any of these apps.
21/09/2017, Ray Parker

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