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Obesity: A very weighty dispute - News

Is obesity no risk factor at all for life and limb? New studies point in this direction. Yet the matter is not so simple. What these works show in particular is that BMI thresholds or the BMI paramete
04/04/2013, Philipp Graetzel

Like the gym: Only a thicker hippocampus resists the test - News

Long ignored by research, the two human hippocampi are today considered the hub of neuronal plasticity and learning processes. Modern volume imaging can now make that impressively visible. More elbow
04/10/2012, Philipp Graetzel

OP-markers: disco light for surgeons - News

When one Nobel Prize winner and one particular surgeon sit together at a table, tumors light up like stars in the desert sky and nerves willingly reveal their exact pathway. Intraoperative labelling o
03/10/2012, Philipp Graetzel

Prevention: Is sport indeed murder? - News

Physical activity has until now been the last word in relation to cardiovascular prevention. And yet for more than one in ten people individual cardiovascular risk factors worsen with the uptake of re
03/08/2012, Philipp Graetzel

The Adrenaline-Tsunami - News

The Euro 2012 is on - and all over the world with fans cheer their teams. A huge waste of adrenal resources, as our modeling shows. A final was enough for all allergy sufferers It was a congenial stud
20/06/2012, Philipp Graetzel

Crowd Funding: The flock instead of public health insurance - News

Crowdfunding is a new form of financing, whereby money is acquired for projects via the Internet. Meanwhile, researchers are also discovering the "crowd" as a revenue source. And in the U.S., patients
20/06/2012, Philipp Graetzel

HIV: Donation safari in Africa - News

The battle for HIV prevention in Africa is also a contest for the best use of funds. From Big Pharma to Big Gates, all are on-site and distributing money in large volumes. Success follows suit, where
20/12/2011, Philipp Graetzel

Attention, genepool in the stool! - News

Sequencing the human genome is old hat. What concerns us now is the gut. Scientists from Heidelberg have given the go-ahead to a project, in which everyone who wants to can have the DNA of their intes
07/11/2011, Philipp Graetzel

Prosthetics: What are you looking at, Eyeborg? - News

In North America a revolution is imminent: A one-eyed film director wants to replace his artificial eye with a bionic camera. Now he is looking for a female partner with a prosthetic leg who wants to
05/10/2011, Philipp Graetzel

Artificial Lungs: More than just hot air? - News

An implantable artificial lung is one of the great visions of bionics, the science of artificial humans. Scientists from Cleveland are now one step closer to that goal: they have taught an artificial
19/09/2011, Philipp Graetzel

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