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You’re a physician and a parent. Which comes first? - Blog

If you’re a physician-parent, no doubt you’re familiar with the helplessness associated with the phone call informing you that your child is sick — and needs to be picked up within the hour. You know,
20/03/2018, Nisha Mehta

Why physicians need side gigs - Blog

The average physician in the United States is already working more than a 40 hour work week and struggling with issues related to work-life balance. And yet, I’m a strong believer that physicians shou
07/02/2018, Nisha Mehta

5 things physicians can do to protect themselves - Blog

As someone who talks to many physicians about burnout and life in medicine, I find myself having a lot of discussions about the circumstances of people’s jobs. Almost inevitably, there comes a point i
30/10/2017, Nisha Mehta

Physician Burnout: The Radiology Report - Blog

EXAMINATION: Analysis of physician burnout. CLINICAL INDICATION: Increasing use of term physician burnout, particularly via social media, and need to address associated connotations/perceptions. TECHN
17/03/2017, Nisha Mehta

Don’t Assume That You Know What A Doctor Looks Like - Blog

An African American female physician was prevented from providing help to a passenger in distress on a Delta airlines flight because she didn’t fit the flight attendant’s image of what a doctor looked
08/03/2017, Nisha Mehta

Why Are Female Physicians Scared To Be Women? - Blog

Women physicians are a testament to evolution; they’ve spent years, decades even, navigating through systems that do anything but cater to their unique needs, and actually find a way to thrive within
08/02/2017, Nisha Mehta

Why You Should Care About Medical Student Debt - Blog

In a time of rising health care costs, it’s hard to talk about the financial strife of physicians, who as a whole over time do very well financially. We see the bills from our doctor’s office, and it’
10/01/2017, Nisha Mehta

10 Truths Of Physician Parents - Blog

1. You either over or under-react to everything related to your child’s health. Your kid chokes? You perform the Heimlich and are back to dinner conversation 2 minutes later. Your infant spits up a li
28/11/2016, Nisha Mehta

8 Tips From My Non-Medicine Friends That Make Me A Happier Doctor - Blog

Many of my best friends are in the medical field, and there are practical reasons for that. That said, I don’t think I could survive without the perspective of my equally good friends outside of medic
19/10/2016, Nisha Mehta

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