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Physicians Are Low-Hanging Fruit. Here’s Why. - Blog

When my children were growing up, I advised them, “Don’t choose any profession in which your worth is determined by knowing a body of information or using algorithmic thinking. If you do that, you’re
05/12/2017, Michael Breen

What’s The Precise Dollar Value of Patient Loyalty? - Blog

Almost three decades ago I did a TV story about how a then fledgling company called United Healthcare was taking off in its home state of Minnesota. Doctors statewide had at first refused to join the
02/08/2017, Michael Breen

Replacing Doctors With Advanced Nurses...How Far Will It Go? - Blog

Primary Care Physicians in America are fast being replaced by nurses with advanced training. This article raises the questions of how far the trend will go...and how this will influence the future of
10/07/2017, Michael Breen

Hospitals Demeaning Efforts To “Engage” Physicians - Blog

"Physician Engagement" is a current buzzword in our country. As in "How Do We Get Physicians To Do What We Want Without Openly Threatening Them?" This article talks about business'
07/07/2017, Michael Breen

Doctors’ Obstacles: Executive Hubris, Computers…And Our Own Natures - Blog

This article looks at how medical education has selected personalities that have a particularly hard time dealing with the new business of medicine. It also parallels the almost identical decline I pe
07/07/2017, Michael Breen

Doctors Have A Great PR Story To Tell…But Who’ll Tell It? - Blog

Doctors have a PR problem. In the US we're routinely treated as money hungry and uncaring by the media. This article looks at why that is, why that image is inaccurate, and why it will be so difficult
21/06/2017, Michael Breen

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