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Watch Out, Smoothie-Interaction - News

A glass of grapefruit juice hasn't harmed anyone before? Incorrect. Under certain circumstances one should forego certain fruits, because the flavonoids contained can lead to interactions. Grapefruit
04/10/2017, Matthias Bastigkeit

Magnesium Oil: Transdermal Bull - News

Manufacturers have come up with the idea of offering "miraculous" magnesium preparations for application on the skin. But can magnesium ultimately enter the bloodstream through transdermal application
27/06/2017, Matthias Bastigkeit

Philematology: Kissing And Telling In The Lab - News

At Christmas and on New Year's Eve, the frequency of kissing is particularly high. Kissing not only activates our reward system, it also produces long-lasting changes in the bacterial flora of the par
17/01/2017, Matthias Bastigkeit

Hair Analysis: Few Facts, A Great Number Of Rapunzel Myths - News

Hair analyses are increasingly playing a role in medicine. Drug analytics, evidence of alcohol use, the uncovering of mineral and vitamin deficits are just a few of the fields of use. Not so rarely ho
13/12/2016, Matthias Bastigkeit

Cannula and Co.: Friendly Bloodsuckers - News

Whether it be blood extraction or vaccination, a prick and a small amount of pain is part of the deal - or at least until now. But the anaesthetic patch, infrared technology and blood sample extractio
16/08/2016, Matthias Bastigkeit

Paleo Diet: One Portion Raw Dinosaur, Please - News

The Paleo diet is supposed to mimic the eating habits of Palaeolithic cave dwellers. Cereals and dairy products are taboo. In online forums euphoric reports turn up about "Stone Age disciples". What's
19/04/2016, Matthias Bastigkeit

Infertility: The worst is yet to come - News

Mobile phones cause it, as do bike saddles, saunas and especially alcohol - they all reduce sperm quality and thus fertility. Numerous studies show that male sperm also "knows" if their owner is packi
15/02/2016, Matthias Bastigkeit

Paracetamol: an oldie repurposed - News

In recent years, there have been a lot of warnings against the use of paracetamol: the painkiller can cause all sorts of diseases. Recent studies no longer suggest using this old favourite for joint a
14/09/2015, Matthias Bastigkeit

Munchausen: The Baron's Stand-in - News

With Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome, healthy children are taken to the doctor at the request of their parents while carrying faked symptoms. What is it though that makes such parents, mothers mostly, ke
05/09/2014, Matthias Bastigkeit

Bedsores: No Blow Drying Or Talc Powdering Please - News

Leg ulcers and pressure ulcers are among the most common chronic wounds in older patients, but new gained knowledge does not always manage to move from the textbook into practice. Powdering, smearing
19/08/2013, Matthias Bastigkeit

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