Marggie Hopkins
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How to lead a healthy lifestyle? - Blog

\n Step 1. A healthy lifestyle can not be started without first analyzing your habits and preferences in the beginning. You need to decide what you want to change in yourself, from which to refuse, a
05/12/2017, Marggie Hopkins

Gymnastics in the workplace - Blog

\n The number of people working in a sedentary position in the modern world is continuously increasing and almost exceeds 90%. Yes, and you have to sit not only in the office, but also when eating, tr
30/11/2017, Marggie Hopkins

Office workers want to go in for sports - Blog

\n Those people, who works at computers in offices during the day, trying to keep fit, go in for sports and find time for regular training. Favorite sports of "white collars" - a gym, jogging and swim
01/11/2017, Marggie Hopkins

Virtual Coach: Apps for a healthy lifestyle - Blog

Below there is a list of virtual fitness instructors, vision training, diets and other useful mobile apps for a healthy lifestyle. \n The student's life is now very intense and difficult. A lot of hom
25/09/2017, Marggie Hopkins

STEM: Putting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math on the Education Agenda - Blog

\n The acronym STEM—standing in for science, technology, engineering, and math-has been getting quite a workout in the current education climate, from the Obama administration on down to the country’s
08/08/2017, Marggie Hopkins

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