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Back pain: The research project "Ran Rücken" is intended to help - Blog

\n About eight in ten Germans suffer from back pain during their lifetime. Too much or the wrong movements can also cause problems. "Ran Rücken", the interdisciplinary research project aims to determi
11/09/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Pathology 4.0 – inveox automates laboratory processes - Blog

\n Mix-ups, contamination and sample loss – most errors in pathology happen when specimen are received. Countless samples arrive daily at the laboratory, while the registration process is very monoton
22/08/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

WAKE-UP study a wake-up call for acute stroke care - Blog

\n Some solutions are simple, though not necessarily obvious. The WAKE-UP study, which included 70 participating European stroke centers, has now studied a relatively simple procedure to manage the ac
08/08/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

How big data leads to diagnosis - Blog

\n Physicians usually diagnose like this nowadays: They examine the patient and talk to him about his problems, they compare his symptoms to disease pictures they know, and, in complex cases, they res
01/08/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Regenerative heart valves: from simulation to replacement - Blog

\n Every year, more than 250,000 patients worldwide receive heart valve implants. Children require repeated replacement surgery because their bodies are still growing, whereas the prosthetic heart val
23/07/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Telemedicine – well-connected in emergencies - Blog

\n Every second counts in an emergency: First aiders, rescuers and hospital staff need to work hand in hand and act quickly to save the life of an injured person. This is not always easy, for example
13/07/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Cells in the speed trap – diagnosis in a matter of seconds - Blog

\n A drop of blood provides a lot of valuable information. However, it takes several hours to analyze the blood of a patient and make a diagnosis. This takes away a lot of time that's crucial for trea
11/07/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Early detection: Tattoo signals cancer – and more - Blog

\n People who are not ill and do not show any symptoms typically do not visit the doctor. And while most people know that preventive medical checkups for cancer, for example, are important, they still
09/07/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Augmented Reality: supporting sterile processing services? - Blog

\n Every day, hospital staff has to manage complex processes to guarantee quality and patient safety. Yet in some areas, the use of checklists and manuals tends to be more cumbersome and not useful –
08/06/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

eHealth and mHealth – Smart helpers for people with depressions - Blog

\n Smartphones have become our everyday companions. A lot of people are critical of this: On the one hand, they connect us to everything and everybody, on the other hand, we lack time and concentratio
01/06/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

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