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SoftHand: grasping intelligence for lower arm prostheses - Blog

\n So far, lower arm prostheses often only functioned as a cosmetic disguise to conceal the missing body part. While newer models help the wearer with grip patterns, every hand grip has to be readjust
10/12/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Electrical Effectiveness - healing methods alongside conventional Medicine - Blog

\n Conventional medicine is taught at universities and is generally acknowledged. But other therapies have also proven their worth, such as electrical healing methods, which contribute to recovery and
03/12/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

MoreGrasp – being able to grasp again with paraplegia - Blog

\n Every year between 250.000 and 500.000 people suffer a spinal cord injury, MoreGrasp is intended to make their lives easier. The project aims to restore the lost gripping function in people with hi
22/11/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

A clean kidney: Break then glue - Blog

\n Not enough exercise, an unhealthy diet: Kidney stones develop when urine contains too many insoluble compounds and are now one of the most common diseases worldwide. The ailment annually affects 1.
21/11/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

See, experience, learn: what's new at MEDICA 2018 - Blog

\n It's time again: the world's largest medical trade fair opens its doors in Düsseldorf from 12 to 15 November. More than 5,000 international exhibitors will present their new innovative products and
05/11/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Healthy aging: further research needed on measurement methods in geriatrics - Blog

\n Today’s society is faced with an aging population. The past has seen the development of many methods for measuring body composition in older adults. However, some of these techniques are not availa
22/10/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Exercise Prescription for Health: sports instead of pills - Blog

\n Did you know that we can influence up to 50 percent of our health ourselves? If we eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, this not only ensures longer independence in old age. Diseases can als
22/10/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

With modern imaging supplies: A look into the lung - Blog

\n Thanks to various imaging supplies, it is possible to make the inside of the body accessible for diagnostics, research and treatment. The lung, one of the most important human organs for survival,
11/10/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Air Next: sharing spirometry data for better treatment - Blog

\n Some diseases require close, permanent control of the patient, especially if they are chronic and, if unchecked, potentially dangerous, like some lung diseases. Monitoring them is quite cumbersome,
24/09/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Smart Hospital: Healthcare rethought - Blog

\n The focus of every hospital are the patient and caring for him quickly. However, processes are often delayed because, for example, the patient data first has to be recorded with time consuming effo
24/09/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

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