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Augmented Reality: supporting sterile processing services? - Blog

\n Every day, hospital staff has to manage complex processes to guarantee quality and patient safety. Yet in some areas, the use of checklists and manuals tends to be more cumbersome and not useful –
08/06/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

eHealth and mHealth – Smart helpers for people with depressions - Blog

\n Smartphones have become our everyday companions. A lot of people are critical of this: On the one hand, they connect us to everything and everybody, on the other hand, we lack time and concentratio
01/06/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

The cure is in the capsule: carbon monoxide to treat chronic inflammation - Blog

\n This unusual ally can be extremely valuable in the fight against inflammation in the body: CO (carbon monoxide). As a therapeutic gas, it also promises relief for inflammatory gastrointestinal dise
22/05/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Organ Care System: treatment under extreme conditions - Blog

\n Multidrug-resistant organisms that are treated with a dosage that exceeds the regular dose a hundred times and at temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius – the human organism is unable to handle it
09/05/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Biomechanical measuring systems in orthopaedics - Blog

\n What do sensors, pressure plates and light have to do with the human spine? We usually think of more invasive procedures such as x-rays when it comes to the analysis of the human locomotor system.
02/05/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Tissue engineering: how to grow a bypass - Blog

\n A bypass is a complicated structure. It is either made of synthetic materials that can cause blood clots and infections or created by using the patient’s veins. However, the latter often does not y
25/04/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

A startup makes melanin glow: skin cancer diagnostics with Magnosco - Blog

\n When a skin lesion is suspected to exhibit malignant changes, it is usually promptly removed. However, not all cases require an excision of the affected tissue. The startup company Magnosco has dev
09/04/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

South America – Medical technology in Brazil and Colombia - Blog

\n Two trade fair highlights will take place on the South American continent in the next months: Hospitalar in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in May and Meditech in Bogota, Colombia, in July. This is enough reaso
03/04/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

VR Lab for medical students: linking theory and practice - Blog

\n Virtual reality and medicine are increasingly mentioned in the same context. In addition to the development of applications that support the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain and an
22/03/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

Radiology: machine learning to support medical diagnostics - Blog

\n Automation makes work life easier in many ways but is it also a solution for analyzing medical images? Is a computer actually reliable enough to assist in the medical decision making process? Resea
08/03/2018, MEDICA Tradefair

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