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Who’s your ideal patient? - Blog

Want to hang out with diabetic truckers with erectile dysfunction? Or hippie women with chronic yeast infections? Who’s your ideal patient? Attention doctors: If you’re not attracting your ideal patie
21/09/2016, MD Pamela Wible

I’m a doctor. I’m on Medicaid. I work as a waitress. - Blog

I just received this letter from a physician in the Unites States of America: "Like thousands of medical school graduates each year, I did not get a residency."\n "Like thousands of medical
09/09/2016, MD Pamela Wible

How the word “burnout” perpetuates medicine’s cycle of abuse - Blog

We enter medicine with our hearts and souls on fire ready to serve humanity. By the time we complete medical training many of us have anxiety, PTSD, depression—even suicidal thoughts. Why?\n Medicine
28/07/2016, MD Pamela Wible

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