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Brain is free for the thinking prosthesis - News

The use of prostheses is limited generally to the replacement of the function of limbs. A new development by U.S. researchers is the neuroprosthesis. They should be able to restore lost cognitive abil
04/12/2012, Julia Hofmann

Hemiparesis: Inserts help the statics - News

In the event of balance disorders from stroke, physiotherapy is effective - but sometimes only as long as it is actually done. Weakness on one side of the body and its related balance disorders can po
19/10/2012, Julia Hofmann

Penicillin: Dosage with a Retro-Look - News

Baby = one eighth of an adult? Antibiotics error sources: From dosage to compliance Penicillin has for over 50 years been the most important antibiotic that is used on children. Every year, British ch
03/10/2012, Julia Hofmann

Pain tolerance: The Brave Little Sportsman - News

The perception of pain is individual, but performance athletes in pain often seem very "gritty" or courageous. In actual fact sport changes pain tolerance, a study at Heidelberg University has found.
05/09/2012, Julia Hofmann

Bacteria: no caving in to antibiotics - News

Researchers have discovered, far removed from any human contact, deep in a Mexican cave which had until now never been visited, bacteria that are resistant to as many as 14 antibiotics. Resistance - n
20/06/2012, Julia Hofmann

ASA: An excursion into Oncology - News

Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) has its place, especially in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. British scientists have now demonstrated in three studies its high efficacy against cancer and metast
04/05/2012, Julia Hofmann

ALS: The Breathless Fight for Death - News

The matter of terminating increasingly requested artificial respiration in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients ought to follow the will of the patient. Yet there is a lack of guidelin
05/04/2012, Julia Hofmann

Cardiac Risk: Late repentance is useless - News

Whoever cuts their cardiac risk factors often believes that they are then on the safe side. Yet this sense of safety is a deception for the middle-aged: according to U.S. authors, five-or ten-year car
05/03/2012, Julia Hofmann

MS treatment: a very half-baked matter - News

Almost half of MS patients with immunotherapy break off their treatment within the first two years, according to a Canadian study of nearly 700 patients. What is the cause, how can one keep patients i
05/10/2011, Julia Hofmann

Nanoparticles: many a little make a muckle - News

Whether in paints and varnishes or as a UV blocker in sunscreen, nano-particles are omnipresent. Their impact on health, however, is largely unexplored. Now, researchers have found that nanoparticles
19/09/2011, Julia Hofmann

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