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Five Tips to Help You Determine Fair Market Value as a Healthcare Provider - Blog

\n The healthcare sector in the United States is a thriving market with business worth billions dollars. Annually, this sector generates a total annual revenue of more than 1.6 trillion dollars. It
20/10/2016, Elizabeth Stepp

How Healthcare Law Firms Can Protect Medical Professionals - Blog

\n The healthcare sector is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. According to Statistics Brain, it generates a total annual revenue of nearly $1.668 trillion. There are approximately
07/09/2016, Elizabeth Stepp

Hackers Aren’t After Your Credit Card: Personal Health Records Are Worth Millions - Blog

\n Many American consumers are surprised to learn that the number one target of online hacking and criminal fraud is not against credit card companies. While there is much education and public awarene
14/06/2016, Elizabeth Stepp

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