ECR 2016
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DocCheck's week at ECR - the highlights - Blog

\n What a great congress, packed with highlights, new ideas and much more. Not only did we get the chance to skydive through the history of radiology – we also got to meet radiologists from all over t
10/03/2016, ECR 2016

Live Reporter in the world of radiology - 50 shades of grey in real life! - Blog

\n Dear ECR 2016-followers, the congress is over and first of all: I'm tired to death! It was a quantity of work, but still worth it. My pedometer shows more than 35.000 footsteps in two days and so I
06/03/2016, ECR 2016

Radiology's Greatest: Dr. Sven-Ivar Seldinger - Blog

\n Dr. Sven-Ivar Seldinger (1921-1998), a Swedish radiologist, introduced the Seldinger technique in 1953. While angiography had included a high rate of complications before, the new Technique now mea
05/03/2016, ECR 2016

Liver imaging: where do we stand now? Valérie Vilgrain; Clichy/FR (Room A) - Blog

\n Josef Lissner Josef Anton Lissner (1923-2006) founded the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in 1991. Under his presidency, the congress was established in a two year cycle and turned out to be a
04/03/2016, ECR 2016

League of Extraordinary Radiologists: Röntgen - Blog

\n Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Born in 1845, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen revolutionised clinical diagnostics and cleared the way for many of today’s technological applications. In 1895, he discovered the so cal
03/03/2016, ECR 2016

ECR 2016 Live | Patrick Messner on site - Blog

\n Breaking news: Patrick Messner, medical student and DocCheck Top User, will be the community’s ears and eyes on this year’s radiology congress in Vienna. Experts, presentations, news – Patrick will
18/02/2016, ECR 2016

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