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Chronobiology: Clockwork Organs - News

Chronoprevention and chronotherapy are old topics, ones to which modern medicine is currently returning with a fresh mindset. One research team has now systematically listed previous findings on circa
05/10/2015, Dunja Voos

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: When the colon is lying on the couch - News

Across the world about 5 to 20 percent of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. A definite explanation is not yet at hand, yet it is known that the state of mind affects the intestinal tract. G
14/08/2015, Dunja Voos

Fibromyalgia: How? Why? For what reason? - News

It may be so that doctors still held fibromyalgia in the 1990s to largely be due to psychological factors; today more and more studies have noted physical correlates. What causes the controversial ill
20/07/2015, Dunja Voos

ADHD: Behaviour therapy for mum & dad - News

In the treatment of ADHD, a multimodal approach is suitable, but drug therapy is increasingly coming under criticism. For this reason behavioural interventions and parent training are increasingly bec
05/11/2014, Dunja Voos

Psychotherapy: Whether shorter or longer - News

Acute psychological stress is mostly fixed using short-term psychotherapy treatment. However for those people who suffer from chronic mental disorders only psychodynamic long-term therapy helps. One s
05/10/2014, Dunja Voos

Physician burnout: independent physicians also burning out - News

So far, the myth still persists that clinicians have a higher risk of burnout than physicians working in their own independent practice. Daniel Roberts and colleagues from the Mayo Clinic have now sho
05/05/2014, Dunja Voos

Temporo-mandibular headache: a cracking case - News

Patients with undefined headaches often suffer from a temporo-mandibular dysfunction. If the jaw joint does not function properly, cervicogenic pain can be considerable. Researchers are in dispute ove
18/10/2013, Dunja Voos

Borderline therapy: Miss Understanding in the spotlight - News

Borderline patients can empathise well with others - but it often happens that they misunderstand people. This paradox is related to their capacity to mentalise. Mentalisation-based therapy can help t
07/10/2013, Dunja Voos

Depression: Talk sooner, pill later - News

Whoever goes to a doctor for depression is quickly provided with antidepressants. Yet is that good? Researchers have now found that it is often more helpful in cases of mild depression to begin with p
04/04/2013, Dunja Voos

Borderline Therapy: No Uniform Mass - News

The trend is towards "disorder-specific psychotherapy". Psychologists however show using a small, but intensive study on borderline patients that it is important that the psychotherapist aligns his me
04/03/2013, Dunja Voos

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