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Flu vaccination mismatch in the 2015 flu season – What are the lessons learned? - Blog

Influenza, or the ‘flu’, is a serious illness that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Flu vaccinations are thought to be the best way to protect ourselves against catching and sprea
29/04/2015, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

Sunlight: Still harmful in the dark? - Blog

Prolonged sunlight exposure can be harmful for our skin, leading to premature aging and potential cancer development. Now, scientists show that sunlight can still damage skin in the dark, long after s
17/03/2015, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

Teixobactin: A ‘superhero’ in the battle against antibiotic resistance? - Blog

Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest challenges of medicine today, threatening mankind with the resurfacing of previously eradicated deadly bacterial diseases. Now, scientists have provided ne
04/02/2015, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

Mitochondrial DNA: A biomarker for frailty and death? - Blog

Mitochondria, the ‘powerhouses’ of the cell, contain their own DNA, separate from that found in the nucleus of cells. Now, scientists show that the amount of mitochondrial DNA found in people’s blood
20/12/2014, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

When cancer cells 'take out' their trash - Blog

Cells require garbage disposal systems in order to keep their insides clean and tidy. Scientists have now discovered that the rubbish ‘thrown out’ by cancerous cells can potentially ‘infect’ nearby he
18/11/2014, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

Paralyzed rats walk again: Hope for spinal cord injury patients? - Blog

Spinal cord injury is the most common cause of paralysis today, leaving patients immobilized, with bleak chances of recovery. Now, scientists have provided new hope for patients with this condition, b
16/10/2014, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

Diet soda: Innocent until proven guilty? - Blog

Diet soda consumption has increased linearly in recent years, due to its image as a healthier alternative to regular soda. However, scientists have now shown that besides weight gain, daily consumptio
16/09/2014, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

Are modified bacteria the answer to obesity? - Blog

Obesity is a rising worldwide epidemic that increases the risk of developing many diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Despite the medical and diet-based interventions available for obesity today
18/08/2014, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

Wandering thoughts: More uncomfortable than physical pain? - Blog

If you had the choice of sitting alone with only your thoughts as company, or experiencing pain, what would you choose? In a study published recently in Science, researchers show that most people woul
16/07/2014, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

DNA Methylation: The hand in the 'biological clock' of life - Blog

Biomarkers of ageing are important tools in the quest for interventions that can prolong life and treat age-related diseases. Now, biomathematician Steve Horvath has come up with a strikingly accurate
17/06/2014, Dr. rer. nat. Rozina Kardakaris

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