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Little girl injured by a land mine - Blog

My latest blog entry is about a 5-year-old girl, Donetsk, spring, the land mine type "butterfly" and what it can do to you, the Ukraine, and the blockade. She is 5 years old. She was dischar
20/05/2015, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

About the importance of measles vaccination - Blog

An acquaintance of mine and a personal experience with measles convinced me of the importance of measles vaccination. The WHO recommends 2 doses while an immunization for each child costs 1$.\n A pers
19/03/2015, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

Life as a doctor in a shelled area in Ukraine - Blog

I am living as a doctor in the shelled and blockaded Donetsk: In the first February days shelling of the area where I live began. Insulin, antibiotics, antipyretics, antihypertensive, anticonvulsants
02/03/2015, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

Unusual rash - Blog

Recently, I had a case of an unusual rash including elements which are similar to the chickenpox's rash, but the child I am treating already got it a year ago.\n It was a very unusual rash. There were
31/12/2014, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

One of my working days - Blog

Just a usual work day of a district pediatrician in a city which is shelled on a daily basis. We had enough doctors before but some doctors left the city because of the war, so I am working on three d
02/12/2014, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

Low-grade fever as beginning of duodenal ulcer - Blog

15-year-old girl with a complaint of daily LGF (low-grade fever) for 1.5 months. Complains of low-grade temperature were a manifestation of duodenal ulcer, but thick girl and her mother did not want t
29/10/2014, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

Routine district doctor's work in a shelled city - Blog

A previously healthy 8-month old had unexplained fevers (39°C plus) for eight days. There was a diurnal variation - daily temperature hikes began at 3 am. It was found that the baby was in a chilly an
29/09/2014, Dr. med. Oksana Zhurbij

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