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Set Point for weight and reprogramming your Metabolism - Blog

Adopt a Healthier and more Balanced Diet. A final Remark, let your body decide when and how much grams it needs to lose. Don't burn your self doing exercises, Take a closer look at how much fat mass y
16/09/2015, Dr. Waleed Foad

Increased Carbohydrate intake is more related to obesity - Blog

Population studies & NHANES data show a reduction in the percentage of dietary calories from fat during the 1990s but an increase in the prevalence of obesity These data sparked interest in carboh
10/04/2015, Dr. Waleed Foad

Metabolic Syndrome and C – Reactive Protein among Cardiovascular Patients - Blog

Individuals with metabolic syndrome are at more than a fourfold greater risk of cardiovascular mortality. Our study revealed a high prevalence of metabolic syndrome (45.3%) among CV patients. High-sen
03/04/2015, Dr. Waleed Foad

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