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Being superhuman in the most human circumstance - Blog

As we enter into the hospital each day, our goal is giving patients the best care we can provide. We get a list of patients that we will take care of each day, and as we get that list, we start thinki
18/01/2018, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

The complexity of the white coat - Blog

I remembered staring at the computer screen with the radiologist hoping that by staring at the images, they would change in some way. It did not seem fair that a nice lady that I was evaluating in the
18/01/2017, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

A physician’s letter to his younger self - Blog

Well, I write to you from thirteen years into the future, on the brink of finishing cardiology fellowship in less than a year. It is hard to believe that I can finally begin to see the light at the en
25/08/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

Consequences of violating trust during residency - Blog

There is a trust involved between colleagues, especially since the times of a lighter schedule can be few and far between, and colleagues calling in for relief can take some of that time away. However
15/06/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

When the seemingly simple becomes complex - Blog

I admitted a patient who was being transferred to the hospital for further treatment of prostate cancer. When he arrived at the hospital, he was frail but trying to show that he had some energy. He an
01/06/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

Both patients and doctors are at the whim of uncontrolled time - Blog

As I sit home spending time with my family, I look back on the past few years of my practicing medicine and realize how much of a luxury this is. While most jobs allow employees time off for particula
19/05/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

Navigating the prescription drug abuse epidemic - Blog

Over the last years, more attention has been paid to the prescription drug epidemic, with increasing rates of accidental deaths noted across the country. However, not as much attention has been focuse
28/04/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

A musician’s guide to medical training - Blog

Recently, I have been reflecting more about my musical journey as an organist over the past 15 years. It has been great to learn how to continue my medical training to the best of my ability while sti
21/04/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

Being a whole doctor serves patients best - Blog

Burnout in the medical profession is a significant concern given the demands on our time by patients and other colleagues, and little time for self-care. I saw signs of this in myself during medical s
24/03/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

Breaking down the language barrier in medicine - Blog

When one hears the words “language barrier,” it usually brings up images of a person who is in another country of which the national language is not his own. If you have visited a foreign country with
16/03/2016, Dr. Chiduzie Madubata

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