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Brain me up, Scotty! - News

It has a bit of "Star Trek" about it: patients with memory problems go into the "tube" - after that, the brain works again. Medical researchers at the UKE recommend this non-invasive method in order t
24/06/2011, DocCheck News Redaktion

A new DocCheck service: Ask a colleague - News

Do you need a second opinion on a disease pattern? You can now ask other physicians for help in the DocCheck community. With "Ask a colleague" you can reach international experts of all disciplines. C
20/04/2011, DocCheck News Redaktion

Dialysis: Dangerous X-ray views - News

For thousands of dialysis patients, the news comes as a shock: the radiation exposure from CT or X-rays is supposed to increase the risk of cancer. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Germany
20/04/2011, DocCheck News Redaktion

Heart goes Art - News

It is a breakthrough: the world's first FDA-approved artificial heart has recently been implanted into a patient on the West Coast of the USA as conventional medical practice. Is a new era in cardiac
05/04/2011, DocCheck News Redaktion

The perfect mix for a healthy living - News

Juice PLUS+ Science combines the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables in order to provide the perfect dietary supplement for a healthy living. Join our group in the DocCheck Community and disc
04/03/2011, DocCheck News Redaktion

Does fat protect the heart? - News

Cardiologists may wonder: People's fat reserves form an important weapon in the fight against cardiac-related death. A study published in December 2010 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows t
04/03/2011, DocCheck News Redaktion

Nightmare Awareness: Don't Wake Up! - News

Intraoperative awareness is considered a horror scenario by both, physician and patient. The university hospital Vienna now proves: This phenomenon happens more frequently than physicians think. The p
04/02/2011, DocCheck News Redaktion

Fever: Hands off the Thermostat - News

ASS, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol - from small child until you're adult, the motto is: Lowering the fever can save lives. But exactly that - as British physicians now describe - could be a fallacy and they
15/10/2010, DocCheck News Redaktion

Pregnant and Chemotherapy: Does that work? - News

Is it possible to treat women with breast cancer fast with chemotherapy when they are pregnant? Can we exclude endangering the unborn? A study presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference opens
17/06/2010, DocCheck News Redaktion

Killing Diagnoses… - News

Perhaps urologists should be even more gently with the prostate cancer diagnosis: As early as two days after receipt of the bad news, patients conspicuously frequently decide to commit suicide - or ha
29/04/2010, DocCheck News Redaktion

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