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DocCheck Lab - We have more than Cookies - Blog

Whether it's an operating robot or an insulin pump, innovation has always accompanied medical specialists and has had a decisive influence on specialist areas. Here at DocCheck, we are into communicat
26/10/2017, DocCheck Community International

DocCheck's spring competition: The winners! - Blog

This year’s spring competition on DocCheck Pictures is over. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their best medical pictures! You’re curious who won? Let’s take a look at the winners.\n
04/05/2017, DocCheck Community International

Win a prize for your medical images! - Blog

Time is a critical factor! Use the last week of our ongoing spring competition to upload as many medical images on DocCheck as possible and thus get the chance of winning a prize. This is a great exam
24/04/2017, DocCheck Community International

ECR 2016 - Stay tuned! - Blog

The European Congress of Radiology represents the medical specialty of radiology throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. You are not able to attend the congress yourself? Don’t worry: DocCheck will k
22/02/2016, DocCheck Community International

HealthShare Award – Submit now! - Blog

\n The submission period for the HealthShare Award is on!Reach new heights with your healthcare campaigns Lace up your hiking shoes, put your campaigns in your backpack and climb uphill with us! All
03/02/2016, DocCheck Community International

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The cardiology highlights of the ESC in London - Blog

Multiple sclerosis: Black holes in everyday life - Blog

To promote awareness of this disease the global MS community is brought together on World MS Day to share experiences for everyone affected. World MS Day is now reaching hundreds of thousandss people
27/05/2015, DocCheck Community International

Image of the week - Blog

\n Side view of Vaginicola, a single-celled creature found in pond water. The cell (green in the bottom image) secretes and lives within a protective casing called a lorica into which it can contract.
28/04/2015, DocCheck Community International

HealthShare Award: Creative Campaigns Wanted - Blog

Follow, share, like, post: the HealthShare Award’s submission phase is going full speed. The international award is honouring innovative and creative social media communication in the healthcare secto
05/02/2015, DocCheck Community International

A new year on DocCheck Pictures - Blog

On DocCheck Pictures you can browse through more than 16,000 medical pictures from any medical specialisation. Be it cardiology, dermatology, gynecology or rare findings - there is no limit to our div
15/01/2015, DocCheck Community International

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