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COPD: The refuted macrophage dogma - News

Therapy of many diseases is based on a theory, such as with COPD. Too bad if the theory is wrong. Scientists have been able to revoke a hypothesis of macrophages established decades ago and thereby fo
22/04/2014, Christine Hutterer

Asthma: Fruit basket that prevents shortness of breath? - News

Why more and more people suffer from allergic asthma is still not clear. Now a study shows that the insufficient intake of dietary fibre could carry its share of blame. Does this mean in the future: a
05/03/2014, Christine Hutterer

Cancer diagnostics in your pocket? - News

The detection of circulating tumour cells in the blood has until now been very complicated. Scientists in Augsburg have now developed a system that can be employed in any doctor's office and could cha
17/12/2013, Christine Hutterer

Nosocomial Infections: News from the Lab - News

When patients only become sick in hospital and antibiotics are no longer effective, matters can become extremely dangerous and expensive. Researchers and physicians are trying to use different approac
23/05/2013, Christine Hutterer

Colon Carcinoma: Screening by blood test - News

It's still true that colorectal cancer screening by blood test is a thing of the future. However researchers have discovered markers whose use makes such an implementation a possibility. Molecular mar
18/04/2013, Christine Hutterer

Tumor therapy: Guidance on apoptosis - News

Cancer treatment is usually based on the killing off of dividing cells. The easiest option to use would be where the tumour cells simply kill themselves via apoptosis. Using the support of a new subst
19/11/2012, Christine Hutterer

Nbea gene: Heading off to get fat - News

After a point in time some years ago when it was hoped that THE fatmaker gene would be found, scientists now assume that hundreds of genes are involved in the development of excess weight and obesity.
19/10/2012, Christine Hutterer

Senescence: tumor cells in hibernation - News

Cells that threaten to degenerate often go into a sort of "hibernation". This so-called senescence program provides the immune system with the ability to detect and eliminate these cells selectively.&
03/10/2012, Christine Hutterer

Osteoporosis: Bone loss for all - News

Osteoporosis is more common in women for whom menopause starts early. However many young women also have excessively low bone density. Therapies for these women are only possible off-label. Osteoporos
05/09/2012, Christine Hutterer

Plasma sterilisation: not just a bacterial problem! - News

Safe sterilisation of medical devices is necessary in order to prevent human-to-human transmission. Due to the rapid development of medical devices, sterilisation procedures have to meet high demands.
05/04/2012, Christine Hutterer

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