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Childhood Cancer: The Burden Of Survival - News

Children who suffer from cancer today survive much longer than before. However, as adults almost all unfortunately suffer from serious sequelae illnesses, as a new study shows. Doctors should keep a c
14/11/2017, Christine Amrhein

Obligatory Aerobics For The Depressed - News

The doctor advises doing sport - the patient nods, but not much ends up happening. For people with mental illness, regular sport can have as much impact as medications. Getting back up on their feet,
30/10/2017, Christine Amrhein

Underestimated: HIV Over 50 - News

The view that HIV infections predominantly affect young people is widely held - even among doctors. Yet 17% of new HIV infections occur in the age group 50 plus. Early diagnosis and treatment is impor
10/10/2017, Christine Amrhein

Dementia: The Parkinson's Prophecy - News

A characteristic aspect of Parkinson's disease is the presence of movement disorders. However intellectual abilities are also often impaired by the degradation processes in the brain. Neurologists hav
26/09/2017, Christine Amrhein

"This Airbus Has Three Emergency Doctors" - News

Medical emergencies on flights are rare, but they will increase in the future due to the increasing age of passengers and to the greater frequency of pre-existing diseases. How can airlines prepare th
22/08/2017, Christine Amrhein

Temple Viper Knocks Out Aspirin - News

A substance derived from the poison of the temple viper could be employed against circulatory disorders, heart attacks and strokes instead of using antiplatelets. Its special feature: it works, withou
25/07/2017, Christine Amrhein

Anosmia: Smelling Function In A Bottle - News

Smelling disorders are not at all a rarity. They can reduce life quality and have a negative impact on eating habits. Rhinologists have now developed a nasal spray which is able at least in part to re
13/06/2017, Christine Amrhein

Suicide: A Grey Old Springtime - News

It's already a well known fact that winter and the darkness it brings with it dampens one's spirits. The surprising thing is that patients with depression often find it particularly difficult to deal
06/06/2017, Christine Amrhein

My Leg Does Not Belong To Me - News

There are people who feel a strong need to be disabled: they want to live without a leg, paralysed, to be blind or deaf. Studies suggest that changes in the brain play a role. How can doctors deal wit
16/05/2017, Christine Amrhein

Binge-Eating: The Great Gorging - News

Binge-eating disorder is increasingly being recognised as a distinct condition: the sufferer shoves large amounts of food down his or her throat and does not vomit. Sufferers are often overweight. Tre
07/02/2017, Christine Amrhein

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