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Thyrotropic feedback control

. It regulates the concentration of thyroid hormones in blood plasma. Source: Dietrich, J. W. (2002). Pituitary-thyroid feedback control. Development and clinical application of a non-linear model
31/03/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


, Larisch R, Dietrich JW. Is pituitary TSH an adequate measure of thyroid hormone-controlled homoeostasis during thyroxine treatment? Eur J Endocrinol. 2013 Jan 17;168(2):271-80. doi: 10.1530/EJE-12
25/01/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


.1038/nrendo.2013.258. PMID 24419358. ↑ Dietrich JW, Midgley JEM, Hoermann R. Editorial: "Homeostasis and Allostasis of Thyroid Function". Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2018 Jun 5;9:287. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2018
28/03/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


Burch-Wartofsky-Score Synonym: Burch-Wartofsky point scale German: Burch-Wartofsky-Score Contents 1 Overview and Definition 2 Calculation 2.1 Temperature 2.2 Central Nervous Effects 2.3 Hepatogastroin
08/01/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


Endocrinology German: Endokrinologie Contents 1 Definition 2 Fields of activity 3 Taxonomy and classification 4 Common diseaes 5 Common diagnostic methods 1 Definition Endocrinology is a scientific an
31/08/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


Thyrotoxicosis German: Thyreotoxikose Contents 1 Definition 2 Classification 3 Grading 4 References 1 Definition The term thyrotoxicosis denotes excessive supply of the organism with thyroid hormones.
07/01/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


Osmoregulation German: Osmoregulation Homeostasis of osmolarity in blood plasma and interstitial fluid is referred to as osmoregulation. A feedback control loop connecting posterior pituitary lobe and
03/01/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich

Feedback control

Feedback control Synonyms: control circuit, control loop, closed-loop control, feedback interaction German: Regelkreis Contents 1 Definition 2 Example 3 Physiology 4 Background 5 External Link 1 Defin
10/01/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


WikiNode 1 Flexikon WikiNode Welcome to Flexikon, the open medical lexicon. 2 Table of contents All pages 3 Related Wikis Biomedwiki BiO centre (Centre for Biological Information Objects) BioCyberneti
01/06/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich


Heterochromatin Highly spiralized segments of DNA and RNA strands that are poor in genes are referred to as Heterochromatin (in contrast to Euchromatin). In all phases of cell cycle Heterochromatin sh
10/01/2006, PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich

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