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How To Be The Apple Of Your Professor’s Eyes In 5 Easy Steps - Blog

\n Great leaders are not born overnight. It takes many motives, many dreams, many inspirations, and many days of productive work which will conceive a leader. Take Oliver Cromwell, for instance, he st
20/04/2018, Professional Writer James Moliver

Dealing with Homesickness at College - Blog

\n If you anticipate some homesickness, you are going to be more prepared for the feelings that may overwhelm you during the first month or two of college life. Remember that you are adjusting to a ne
18/04/2018, Sasha Capable

5 Secrets of Successful mHealth Apps - Blog

The first type has a maximum number of users that actively collect their data, share it on facebook etc. There are about 100 mlns people who share at least one parameter of wellness lifestyle control
18/04/2018, asif sidq

Healthcare And The Cloud - Blog

Does the idea of using ‘The Cloud’ feel a bit like storing your money under someone’s mattress… someone with a tendency to move a lot and forget to lock their front door….?\n According to a recent sur
18/04/2018, asif sidq

Cloud - The Cornerstone of Digital Transformation in Healthcare - Blog

Put simply digital transformation is the trend of enterprises shifting away from traditional systems in favour of digital options to enable major improvements in productivity and unlock new lines of b
18/04/2018, asif sidq

5 Reasons to Consider Healthcare ERP for Your Business - Blog

There are thousands of activities going on in your hospital and keeping a track of everything manually could be quite a task!\n Healthcare ERP implementation in pharmaceutical businesses is as importa
18/04/2018, asif sidq

In health is the notion of "Trust" as important,A new study offers the stunning truth. - Blog

The real insight here is how healthcare and health in general is fast becoming a shopping experience - it used to be "Does it work?" when it came to treatments.\n Summary: one new study by M
18/04/2018, asif sidq

Humor and Health Do Not Mix. (Or Maybe It’s What We Need!) - Blog

Sickness, disease, health in general, is anything but humorous. Attempting to make a joke or take health lightly is an approach all of us — especially brands — know can be a dangerous strategy. \n In
18/04/2018, asif sidq

Healthcare Data Interoperability and Data Privacy the Blockchain way! - Blog

Patients need to have control over their data (privacy protection) and seamless access to their medical information\n The Healthcare Industry has spent billions on data interoperability – to exchange
18/04/2018, asif sidq

Patient Experience Management: Key To Progress - Blog

While the in-hospital experience like waiting time, nursing care, choice of food, cleanliness and even parking, etc. is core to the patient experience, the provider selection is subject to awareness (
18/04/2018, asif sidq

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