Methyl 2,5,6-trichloro-4-pyrimidinecarboxylate, also known as CD-0064, 4-Pyrimidinecarboxylicacid, 2,5,6-trichloro-, methyl ester, under the IUPAC name methyl 2,5,6-trichloropyrimidine-4-carboxylate,
25/10/2016, Linna Green


Hyponatremia is the most common cause lethargy in geriatric. Knowledge of hyponatremia, should give better outcome.
23/01/2016, Dr Margareth Gracia


Study on insect pheromone has played an important role.
26/10/2016, Hannah Roberts

a leaflet to choose, breast cancer screening, yes or no ?

Cancer screening: who should choose? Pink October slogans are quite simplistic : earlier is better, more is better, to be in is good for you… This is why a multidisciplinary group of French health pro
23/02/2017, docteur Cécile Bour

DocCheck Technical Manual

With the DocCheck Login you are able to very simply establish a protected area on your site, which is only accessible to (medical) professionals. The DocCheck password protection is an identification
19/10/2015, DocCheck Industry International

Biophysical and biochemical transmutation of mitochondrial function in cancer genesis

Interactions between nuclear processes and mitochondrial processes determine stabile basophilic chemical potential in cytoplasm, i.e. stability cellular Internal Energy and Internal Medium. Interactio
30/01/2014, PhD Michail Ponizovskiy

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